September 2nd, 2018. A chilly Sunday morning. We meet at Mt Transnational Plaza outside our offices along Mama Ngina at 6.30 AM. Denis, Ralia, and myself. ( Am also Denis). We wait for our driver guide Mr Joseph who was waiting for us in a nearby restaurant having arrived 30 minutes earlier.

We managed to leave CBD at around 6.50 AM. We are to pick some two other hikers; Ceyrol and her boyfriend at Kikuyu. Kikuyu at times can be cold and misty at the same time. We get there and find them waiting for us. They board and we proceed to the View Point where we have a brief stop. On this particular day the weather is not as great. But we still manage a few shots here before proceeding to Mt Longonot.

Mahi Mahiu View Point

We arrive at Longonot at 9.45 AM and we proceed to pay the park entry fees. Ksh 300 for citizens. Non Residents pay USD 26 per person.

Group Photo at Mt Longonot National Park

This group is composed of energetic young ladies and gentlemen. Below Jumpies will say it all in black and white.

Ralia, Denis and Denis
Birds of the same feathers flocking together
Ralia next time please leave the holy cloth in the van.

Now thats the energy I was talking about.

The hike officially begins.The team is so much psyched up. I have been here several times so i warn them of the task ahead. We crack a few jokes along the way before the mountain starts demanding our full attention.

Hike Begins

Didnt I warn you? At this point we are all silent. Kila mtu anapambana na hali yake. The goal is the same, to Summit.

In about an hour we are all at the first view point on the crater. We are hoping to find the pineapple vendors at the hut but its a Sunday and its like they all attends Sunday service. No one is there. So we relax. take a few photos. before proceeding with the hike.

Mt Longonot Crater Point

Its a taboo for an Arsenal (Greatest Football Club under the sun) fanatic to be associated with any mechadise from an upcoming club like Man U but now you are 2560 M above sea level and with two Manchester United die-hard fans. They unleash a flag and demand that you hold it as they take photos. You have only two options. To oblige or throw yourself to the crater forest. I opt to oblige.

Its time to go round the crater rim. And for our efforts we are being rewarded with some of the best views from the rim.

From the Crater Rim

It gets tougher as we get closer to the highest peak, Kilele Ngamia Peak.

And finally we get to the top, Kilele Ngamia Peak that stands at 2760 M above sea level.

Mt Longonot Hike September 2nd

Descending from here takes us about 90 minutes. Its an easy task for us and extremely difficult for one of us. I will be posting a video of her struggles later on youtube.

We finish going round the crater rim and descend down. We are all feeling exhausted but one thing is motivating us. Lunch. We all want to get to the restaurant so we find ourselves at the van and drive to Gorges Restaurant where we have booked late lunch.

A mini buffet lunch where you are supposed to eat till you are full.

We then board and drive back to Nairobi a happy team.

We plan weekend getaways like these for groups or colleagues and include transport, lunches, guide and fun activities. Get in touch with us to be part of our next trip.

Mobile No: +254723315919

Email: info@africavacationsafaris.com


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