Ngong Hills Hike

Ngong Hills sits about 40 minutes drive outside of Nairobi CBD past Karen and Ngong town. It is on a Friday and we are seated in the office with two colleagues Florence and Denis and we decide to hike this hill the following day. We agree to meet at the office by 9.00 AM.

Getting there

We pick a PSV bus at the Railways station and drive all the way to Ngong time. On a saturrday morning there is less traffic and we took anbout 40 minutes to arrive. On bad days you can get stuck for long along Ngong Rd.

At Ngong town we take a motor bike that is supposed to take us to the entry point of the hill at a cost of Ksh 100 approximately 1 Dollar. Its a 5-10 minute ride.

Starting the hike.


We are at the gate and after paying the conservation fee Ksh 200 per person we start the hike. If you want you can hire a forest ranger for around ksh 2000/- but for us we were comfortable going all by ourselves.

A few metres past the gate.

Once you start the hike great scenes awaits. The cool breeze will cool your body as the hike gets tougher. You get so close to the wind mills. The tiny structures you see from town are actually massive structures standing very tall.


Its a taboo to get to the middle of a hill like this one without a Jumpie and here is one thanks to my fellow hiker Denis.

Jumpie of the day

The hikes goes on. After conquering several hills ( Ngong Hills is made up of a series of hills.) we encounter a girl who is almost giving up and want to return. We encourage her to press on. She becomes part of our team.

No giving up. We must complete! Sayeth us

The Hike gets tougher. We get silent. We call it entering energy saving mode so that the available energy can be utlized on conquering the trail.

The Trail gets even more adventurous and it narrows down. We get to get close to the Flora.

We conclude the hike by around 3.00 PM and walk to the nearby hotel located at the foot of the hills ( Kona Baridi).

The place is well kept with beautiful trees and flowers dominating the setup. Gives a much needed relax mode required after the hike.

This is where we have our late lunch. Ugali and some half a kilo of fresh fried beef. The chef is on point. It takes like 45 minutes to deliver our food to our table. In the meantime i decide to take a ‘brief’ nap.

‘Brief’ Nap after the Hike as we wait for food to be served.

There is a camping site here for hikers who would wish not to return to Nairobi after the hike. small semi permanent tents with a comfortable mattress and a Duvet to give you a comfortable sleep throughout the night. The private establishment also has bathrooms with hot water ( Outside the tents) to be shared by all campers. At a reasonable cost of Ksh 2500 per tent we found it to be such a nice deal. Next time we are hiking we will stay here for overnight and then proceed to Lake Magadi the following day.

We complete the hike here and board a small car to Kiserian ( Usually they operate up to 7.00 AM) so dont get too late. This costs like Ksh 50 per person. At Kiserian we take a direct PSV that drops us to the Railway stage in the city and we call it a day.

We plan weekend getaways like these for groups or colleagues and include transport, lunches, guide and fun activities. Get in touch with us to be part of our next trip.

Mobile No: +254723315919

Email: info@africavacationsafaris.com

You can see all the photos on our Flickr Album by following the Link Below

Ngong Hills Album on FlickrĀ 

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