Nairobi National Park

Welcome to Kenya’s most accessible yet incongruous safari experience. Set on the city’s southern outskirts, Nairobi National Park (at 117 sq km, one of Africa’s smallest) has abundant wildlife that can, in places, be viewed against a backdrop of city skyscrapers and planes coming in to land – it’s one of the only national parks on earth bordering a capital city. Remarkably, the animals seem utterly unperturbed by it all.

The park has acquired the nickname ‘Kifaru Ark’, a testament to its success as a rhinoceros (kifaru in Kiswahili) sanctuary.

Nairobi National Park Entrance Fees

Citizenship Price
Adult Non Resident $ 43
Child Non Resident $ 22
Adult Resident KSH 1,030
Child Non Resident KSH 515
Adult Citizen KSH 430
Child Citizen KSH 215

Key features

  • Wildlife

Animals include buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, baboon, zebra, wildebeest and cheetah—100 mammal species.
400 migratory and endemic bird species.

  • Historic ivory burning site

How to get there.

You can book a Nairobi National Park Safari with Africa Vacation Safaris here or check out our options below for Nairobi National Park

Important Links

Kenya Wildlife Services – Nairobi National Park

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