Nairobi City attractions

Welcome to Nairobi County where the Kenya’s largest city and Capital, Nairobi City, is found.This beautiful expanse of land is surrounded by plains,forests and cliffs that make up the City’s Nairobi National Park.It is adjacent to the eastern edge of Rift Valley while to the West of the city stands the quiet sturdy Ngong Hills. Mount Kenya is situated North of Nairobi and Mount Klimanjaro is found South East.

With a myriad of fun packed adventures and experiences,Nairobi County is sure to tickle your fancy in one way or the other.Diversity and cultural uniqueness define the people of this County who use Sheng, a locally famed language which is a blend of English and Kiswahili words. Marked as the 14th largest city in Africa,Nairobi City is the most populous City in East Africa, its current population estimated at 3.5 million.

Explore Nairobi’s rich history and culture on a comprehensive city tour lasting 4 to 5 hours.On such a tour, you will intimately discover Nairobi City beginning from Nairobi Provincial Commissioner’s offices found in a distinctive colonial building to the bustling campus of Nairobi University,the largest in the Country. Enjoy the panoramic views from a high hill while you visit the site of the former American embassy.

At the National Museum, you will learn about Kenya’s rich history and culture.Venture into the Savannah
where nature’s slithering friends are hanging out at the Snake Park then finish your tour over lunch at the carnivore restaurant, or other dining hot spots. Visit Nairobi National Park where nature enthusiast take in the very best yet of Nairobi County’s flora and fauna.The picturesque park is home to large herds of Buffalos,Rhinos,Giraffes,Lions,Zebras,Wildebeest,Cheetahs and over 400 species of birds for all you bird lovers to relish.Nairobi Safari walk and Nairobi Animal Orphanage are conveniently located within the vicinity,where one may learn more about wildlife and habitat conservation.

Visit the Giraffe Centre, in Lang’ata Nairobi City,where the endangered Rothschild Giraffe is bred. Conversational programs are carried out here to educate visitors. Interact with Warthogs who randomly wander the grounds of the gardens.If you are lucky,you could get a kiss from a Giraffe while feeding them by hand.Fun fact is, their tongues can get up to 20″ long and are antiseptic,so kiss away 🙂

Discover The Mamba Village park, home to ostriches and crocodiles. Here,visitors are allowed to mingle directly with crocodiles and even hold baby crocs under the supervision of an experienced staff..

Learn about The US Embassy Memorial Site conspicuously located in the City Centre. It is
a monument to the victims of the tragic Nairobi Embassy Bombings in 1998. This day, inscriptions of the victims’ names remain to commemorate them. At The National Railway Museum,visitors can learn about the history of Kenya’s railroads which are at the heart of Nairobi’s History and the Kenya/Uganda railway. It houses, engines and rolling stock from the country’s colonial period.

Stroll out into the bursting Masai Markets with one conveniently located at the town Center.Here local creatives join hands with craftsmen to create for you precious take-me-homes and gifts.

Visit the Bomas of Kenya, on Lang’ata road ,and mesmerize on this reservoir of Kenyan culture. Visitors can see exhibits of traditional Kenyan homes, artifacts, dances, music, and song.

Take a stroll in the Uhuru Gardens,built in remembrance of the struggle for independence, which Kenya was granted in 1963. The monument is a 24-m (79 ft.) high triumphal column supporting a pair of clasped hands and the dove of peace, high over a statue of freedom fighter raising the flag. The monument is surround by fountains and lush-landscaped gardens. The Uhuru Park (“Nairobi’s Central Park”) is an eccentric park that echoing the city’s old slogan ‘The Green City in the Sun’. Nairobi residents, tourists, students and business people from all walks of life visit the park everyday for picnics, study, rest and a host of other activities. The serene park is a great place to take a breath, read a book or catch up with family and friends

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