12 Best Kenya Safari Tours

It’s one of Africa’s biggest safari experiences but with must-see destinations such as the Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park on offer plus the allure of the pristine beaches located along Indian Ocean coastline. It’s hard to know where to start when choosing your Kenya safari. Even more so when you want to see the Great Wildebeest Migration or bring the family.

In this post, we will be talking of the various Kenya Safari available for you and when its ideal to book each of them, budget involved and the highlights in each of them.

In this post, we will be putting more emphasis on private safaris.

Day Trips and Overnight Kenya Safari Tours

Private Day and Overnight Kenya Safari tours are specially designed trips crafted to suit travellers who have very limited time yet they would love to get the most out of their free time by indulging in an ultimate Kenya Safari experience.

Amboseli National Park Overnight Kenya Safari Tour

Duration: 2 Days | 1 Location

Amboseli National Park Elephants

On your Amboseli Overnight Kenya Safari, Africa’s highest mountain provides the backdrop to Amboseli, the snow-capped Uhuru Peak clearly visible above the flat savannah. Great elephant herds roam across this land, their distinct shapes providing a wonderful contrast on any photo of Mt Kilimanjaro. Also, Amboseli offers a small and compact safari experience, the bountiful wildlife easily found congregating around swamps and dried out lake beds. Little compares to relaxing on a verandah and watching the jumbos roam beneath Mt Kilimanjaro.


  1. Unlimited game drives in the Amboseli National Park
  2. Stay in the luxurious safari lodges located inside or near Amboseli National Park
  3. Watch hundreds of elephant freely roam through the Amboseli plains
  4. Watch the highest peak of Africa; Kibo Peak of Mt Kilimanjaro
  5. Go on a bird watching tour in the swampy areas of Amboseli and Lake Amboseli

Best Suited for: Solo Travelers, Couples

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Nairobi National Park Half Day Kenya Safari Tour

Duration: 4 – 6 Hrs | 2 Locations

Nairobi National Park - Africa vacation Safaris
Nairobi National Park Masai Giraffes

Nairobi National Park Half Day Safari tour is ideal for travelers with few hours to spare while on their visit to Nairobi City either for business meeting or any other purpose. You may also be having a long layover whereby you find yourself with more than 6 hours waiting for your connecting flight to other destination. In this case you may book this safari whereby our guide picks you up from your hotel or Airport and drives you to the nearby Nairobi national Park for a few hours game drive. Depending on the time you have we can combine this visit with one more attraction in the city. A Visit to David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage or Karen Blixen Museum or the Giraffe Center. Kenya’s most accessible yet incongruous safari experience. Set on the city’s southern outskirts, Nairobi National Park (at 117 sq km, one of Africa’s smallest) has abundant wildlife that can, in places, be viewed against a backdrop of city skyscrapers and planes coming in to land – it’s one of the only national parks on earth bordering a capital city. Remarkably, the animals seem utterly unperturbed by it all.


  1. Game drives in Nairobi National Park, the only park in the found in a major city
  2. Sighting of endangered black and white Rhinos
  3. Views of giraffes and other wildlife with backdrops of East Africa’s tallest sky crappers and landing planes
  4. interact with baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Elephant orphanage

Best Suited for Solo Travellers, Couples or business partners


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Lake Nakuru National Park Day Trip

Duration: 8 – 12 Hours | Location: 1

Lake Nakuru National Park Flamingos


Lake Nakuru NP’s main feature is a large, shallow lake, which was famous for big flocks of flamingos.

A Lake Nakuru National Park Day Trip offers a well worthwhile wildlife experience. The park boasts a large population of Rhino, Lion, Giraffe, Buffalo, Leopard, Waterbuck as well as many other species of game. In addition, the highlight of Lake Nakuru is its mass of Greater and Lesser Flamingo’s which can be found feeding in the shallows of the lake. Also, one of the most promising park to see rhino and leopard. The Safari is set to begin early in the morning at 6.00 AM from Airport or Hotel. On this day trip, we can combine with a visit to the nearby Lake Naivasha for a boat ride and a walking safari to the Crescent Island.


  1. Unlimited game drives in Lake Nakuru National Park
  2. Buffet Lunch at one of the safari lodges located inside Lake Nakuru National Park
  3. Sighting of flamingos and other water birds in Lake Nakuru
  4. Sighting of Lake Nakuru’s white and black Rhinos
  5. Scenic views of Lake Nakuru from the observation point
  6. If lucky sightings of Lions and Leopards among other wildlife species found here

Best Suited for Solo Travelers, Couples

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Other Interesting Short Kenya Safari Tours

  1. 1 Day Safari to Ol Pejeta Conservancy
  2. Amboseli National Park 1 Day Safari
  3. Hellsgate National Park Day Trip


Multi-Day Kenya Safaris ( 3 – 7 Days)

These are Private Kenya Safari tours that are relatively longer. Between 3 to 7 Days and may cover two or more major national parks.

Tsavo East and Taita Hills Safari

Duration: 3 Days | Location: 2

Salt lick lodge in Taita Hills Conservancy

This tour combines the best of Tsavo East and Taita hills. This combination gives the traveler an exciting unforgettable experience with wildlife in Tsavo and also the scenery of Taita hills with its diversity of wildlife and birdlife.
3 Days Tsavo East And Taita Hills Conservancy Safari can start either in Nairobi or Mombasa.
Salt Lick Game Lodge

For decades Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge has been one of Kenya’s flagship lodges, famed for being among the World’s Most Photographed Lodges. A favorite amongst travelers in search of luxury accommodation, Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge is a luxurious safari escape set in the heart of the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary overlooking a waterhole and the vast Tsavo plains.

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge’s charm is evident from the outset. Here you will savor uncompromising high standards of service, efficiency, and personalized attention.

The neighboring Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge has a museum that displays some of the World War 1 memorabilia as part of the rich history of Taita Taveta County.


  1. Unlimited game drives in Tsavo East and Taita Hills
  2. View game from the comfort of your rooms at Salt Lick Lodge
  3. Chances to see Big Four of Five

Best Suited for Solo Travelers, Couples

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Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara Private Kenya Safari Tour

Duration: 4 Days | Location: 2

Masai Mara Lions

Welcome to Kenya’s most popular safari to two of Africa’s most famous parks; Masai Mara and L. Nakuru.

Reliable rains and plentiful vegetation underpin this extraordinary ecosystem and the millions of herbivores it supports. Wildebeest, zebras, impalas, elands, reedbucks, waterbucks, black rhinos, elephants, Masai giraffes and several species of gazelle all call the Mara home. Predators here include cheetahs, leopards, spotted hyenas, black-backed jackals, bat-eared foxes, caracals and the highest lion density in the world.

Nakuru has been known for its birding and Rhinos. We shall be using nice budget camps/hotels for this private tour. You can request to upgrade to mid-range or luxury accommodation if you wish to.


  1. Big Five sightings
  2. Unlimited game drives in Kenya’s premier wildlife destinations
  3. Flamingo watching
  4. Wildebeest Migration (Between June and October)


Best Suited for Couples

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Tsavo, Amboseli, L Nakuru and Masai Mara Safari Kenya Safari Tour

Duration: 7 Days | Location: 5

Spot the Man-Eating Lions of Tsavo National Park

The Kenya coast is pristine, unspoiled and the perfect place to begin your adventure. And Mombasa is the perfect vacation destination with its local markets, museums, and beaches. But Mombasa and its surrounding beaches are also a great jumping-off point for safaris throughout Kenya. Starting and returning to Mombasa or Nairobi, you can join Africa Vacation Safari to wildlife-filled parks like Tsavo, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, and the Masai Mara. Remember this itinerary is 100 percent customizable. Tsavo East is well known for its infamous man-eating lions while Tsavo West is a better destination for scenic lovers.

Amboseli National Park is home to hundreds of elephants herds while the visibility of Mt Kilimanjaro makes it stand out as one of Africa’s most scenic destinations. Lake Nakuru, on the other hand, is a small park in the Great Rift Valley that is known for its birding experience especially with the flamingos and pelicans that can be spotted in the Lake. It’s also easy to spot Rhinos and other wildlife available here. The world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve is a huge expanse of tawny, sunburnt grasslands pocked with acacia trees and river woodlands, and heaving with animals great and small.


  1. Big Five Sightings
  2. Majestic views of mt Kilimanjaro
  3. Unlimited game drives
  4. Sunrise and sunsets at the park
  5. Flamingo viewing
  6. Wildebeest Migration

Best Suited for Couples

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Other Interesting Multi Day Kenya Safari Tours

  1. 3-Day Kenya Safari to Tsavo National Park Fom Mombasa
  2. 3-Day Signature Luxury Safari to Masai Mara
  3. 7 Days Luxury Fly-in Safari – Meru NP, Samburu and Masai Mara
  4. 7-Day Tour of Kenya – Meru NP to Masai Mara mid Range


Fly-in Kenya Safari Tours

These tailor-made Kenya Fly-in Safari tours will get you to enjoy Kenya’s best Safari whereby you will be moving from one destination to another via light Air craft. This ensures that you have more quality time enjoying the safari lodges and the facilities and game viewing rather than on the road. It is Convenient, fast & fabulous!

Amboseli National Park by Air

Duration: 1 Days | Location: 1


Amboseli National Park

Set at the bottom of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak the Amboseli National Park is normally referred to as the “Kilimanjaro’s Royal Court”. The eco-system is mainly savannah grasslands and spreads across the Kenya Tanzania border. While visiting Amboseli safari you have majestic views of Kilimanjaro, close to largest herds of free-ranging elephants and also home to Big 4 of 5 (Lacks Rhino).

Amboseli offers great wildlife viewing, and four of the Big Five are present. Rhinos are absent, but big herds of elephants reliably move to and from the marshy swamps in the center of the park. Buffalo, wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra, and gazelle are all very common. Lions are the easiest to spot of the big cats, but sightings are hit-and-miss. The park encloses an interesting variety of habitats including dusty plains and marshy swamps, but it is the backdrop of snow-capped Kilimanjaro towering above the Amboseli plains that attracts most visitors to this scenic park.

You will be staying at a luxurious Safari Lodge located in the Amboseli National Park or near the park’s main entrance gates.


  1. Magical Views of Mt Kilimanjaro
  2. Sighting of Hundreds of elephant herds and other wildlife
  3. Stay in luxurious lodges located inside or near Amboseli National Park
  4. Bird watching at Lake Amboseli and surrounding swamps

Best Suited for Couples

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Masai Mara Air package

Duration: 3 Days | Location: 1

Starts Nairobi/Ends Nairobi with a pick you up from the International Airport, your hotel or residence and transfer to nearby Wilson Airport for your morning flight.

A flight safari is a perfect solution for those who don’t have the extra time of an overland trip. In under an hour you’ll travel from Nairobi, enjoying the golden vistas of Kenya from the air and settle at a convenient airstrip in the Masai Mara.

There you’ll be welcomed and ushered in a customized pop up top 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep to your lodge or tented camp. Then get ready for 3 days of unlimited animal viewing throughout the vast stretches of the Mara.



  1. Migration
  2. Big Five Sightings
  3. Airport and Hotel Transfers
  4. Game drives

Best Suited for Couples

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